General Information

What is the point of this application?

This application was developed to be a resource for EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters and other prehospital emergency personnel. It is a quick reference guide that allows users to quickly and easily view existing published county protocols, destination information and EMS specific contact information.

What does the application look like?

Please take a look at the features page to look at screenshots and a demonstration video.

What are the hardware / software requirements?

This software should work on any Android mobile phone or device running Android 2.0 or later. 3G or wireless connectivity is initially needed to download county specific configuration files. Optional GPS functionality is used to calcuate destination directions and distance from current location. Free 3rd-party software such as Adobe PDF Viewer or OpenOffice is used to display PDF files.

Are you interested if I have a feature request / suggestion?

Absolutely! There are some additional features that are under development or planned for future upgrades including voice activated protocol searches and drag and drop contact list organization. If you have ideas on how to improve this software please send an email to

County Specific Information

Is my county available?

As of now the counties listed below are available. More are constantly being added so check back frequently or email your request.

  • California: Alameda, Central California, Coastal Valley, Contra Costa, El Dorado, ICEMA, Marin, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sierra-Sacramento Valley.
  • Nevada: Southern Nevada

What happens when there is a county protocol update?

The software is designed to periodically automatically check a special remote server to see if there are updates or changes that need to be installed. The software will then alert you that there are updates available and prompt you to download and install them. You can also manually check for updates within the Preferences section of the application.

What should I do if I find an error?

Please email if you find a mistake or inaccurate information. Please include a description of the error and what you think the correct information should be.

Can I expedite the addition of my agency's information?

Yes. A lot of times the most challenging / labor intensive part of adding more counties is figuring out the hospital / destination, address and specialty information. If you send an email to with a link to your counties ems agency website and a listing of the names, addresses, and specialty information of receiving facilities, we can usually get that information available for download within a week.

Troubleshooting / Known Issues

How do I download additional county information?

Prior to EMS ASSIST 1.4 there was a problem with some code that caused the drop down county selection menus to act in an unexpected way.

Start by making sure you have the latest version of the application. You can do this by loading the Android Market application and viewing your installed applications. If there is a new version available you will see a button that prompts you to "Update" the application. As of February 2012, the most current version is 1.42.

I got an error saying that a file failed to download...

This sometimes happens for a number of different reasons. The first thing you should do is check the download summary details to see which file failed to download. For a few systems there are protocols that are under development and the protocol doesn't yet exist but placeholders were created in the application for future use when the protocols became available.

If the file should exist and failed to download due to network issues or other reasons you can re-download the county files.

  • Choose the "Delete ... " option from Application Settings in the Preferences menu.
  • If you have installed more then one system, select which one had the error.
  • Chose the option to "Keep PDFs" when confirming deletion.
  • Download the county information again by selecting "Download More ..." from the Preference menu.